WhatsApp is taking away your right to ‘mute’ groups

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has quietly rolled out an update, which surely is one of the most annoying updates introduced by the company so far.

Almost everyone knows how frustrating WhatsApp groups and the useless notifications from them can be. Well, this new feature is going to make WhatsApp groups more irritating.

After the update, the app will let people tag other users in a WhatsApp group. This tagging feature will result in users getting notifications about group chats even if they have muted the notifications.

To do this, users have to type in @, following which the names of the group members will pop up. They can select the people that have to be tagged. Multiple users can be tagged and all of them will be notified. Moreover, the feature also works with people who are not in a user’s contact list but are part of a WhatsApp group.

The update is available on both Android and iOS, but not on the desktop app.
With the update, it seems that WhatsApp has closed all ways to avoid annoying group notifications. The only way out is to either turn off app notifications completely or leave the group.

The instant messaging app was recently also spotted testing a ‘Speak’ feature on iPhones, while tapping a chat message. The ‘Speak’ option, which
reads out the text in the message aloud, appears with other options like Reply, Forward, Copy, Delete and Message.

WhatsApp for Android beta too is getting some additional features through an update. These include stickers and ability to write on images, like Snapchat (and now Instagram too).

The latest update further brings enhancements to the app’s camera flash.

Now, whenever users take a photo using the camera from within WhatsApp, they will see additional editing tools that will allow them to draw and scribble on top of the picture in different colours. This can be done by selecting the pencil and ‘T’ icon.

The colour slider allows users to pick the colour they want to doodle or write with, on the image. Along with this, they can also add stickers to photos.

The update introduces a selfie flash that allows users to click better selfies in low-light and dark conditions. It works only when users take images from the built-in camera app itself.

Earlier in February, WhatsApp increased the maximum limit of permissible members in a group from 100 to 256.